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Power Bands: Power to You!

Updated: May 20, 2023

When learning our key pole moves, it’s common for us to want to master our tricks yesterday! So if you’re finding it a struggle to nail a trick, power bands (thick resistance bands) can help you!

How do they work?

Resistance bands are super charged strong bands that help take a portion of your body weight away from the trick, making it easier to nail!

For anyone looking to grab a power band, check out Rubberbanditz and enter the discount code THEPOLEPHYSIO10 for 10% off your purchase.

Using a power band for the first time - the rules:

  1. Always keep it safe, never try a new trick without your instructor's guidance

  2. The greater the stretch of the band (i.e higher up the pole), the more resistance provided and the easing the trick

  3. The thicker the band, the more resistance provided

  4. If you need more assistance/support from the band, then consider using two bands instead of one

Take a look at our favourite band assisted pole tricks below that you can do! Don't forget to tag us on socials too!

Taken from Rubberbanditz Website

Also keep an eye out for our pole anatomy blogs! We often include pole conditioning with power bands for specific tricks.

Pole Pullups


Shoulder Mount

Shoulder Mount Planche


Iguana Planche

Brass Monkey

Press up handstand


Shoulder Mount Flip

Deadlift Handspring

Aerial Handspring

Human flag

Iron X

Swivel Deadlift to Pencil

Inverted Eagle

Upright Eagle Variation

Are you struggling to nail a specific pole trick but not sure why? Or recovering with an injury and it’s getting in the way of your pole?

Online telehealth appointments can be booked with the Pole Physio via our ‘Book Online’ page that can be found here. Assessment and tailored rehabilitation are provided in accordance with best practice and evidence-based treatment to help you unleash your 'poletential'.

Until next time, train safe.

The Pole Physio



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