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What to Know When First Starting Pole Dance: A Beginner's Guide

Updated: Feb 23

Hey there, future pole dancing queen! So, you've decided to take a dip into the fabulous world of pole dancing, huh? Buckle up, because this journey is going to be a mix of excitement, a little bit of nerves, and a whole lot of empowerment. To help you on your journey we've put down our top 10 suggestions to help get you all set for your poleventure!

1. Choose the Right Studio:

Think of finding the perfect pole dance studio like picking your favourite outfit or ice cream flavour – it should feel just right. Look for a spot with awesome instructors, a vibe that makes you feel at home and, of course, a commitment to keeping you safe. Check out studio reviews and maybe do a little studio tour. The studio you choose will likely be your pole home for a while (maybe even forever), so make sure it feels like the perfect fit for your pole dreams.


2. Wear Appropriate Attire:

Now that you've found your studio, it's time to dress the part! Bike shorts and a tank top are usually the go to outfits for beginner pole dancers, but you'll find that as you grow through your pole journey you'll likely opt for sports bras and pole shorts for your pole dance wardrobe. Why? Because more skin on the pole equals more grip, and with most pole moves, grip will be your best friend. And before you know it, you'll pluck up the courage to try on your first pair of pole heels! They aren't are scary as they might first look either! So get ready to show off those killer moves in the right gear!

3. Embrace the Learning Curve:

Listen up – everyone starts somewhere, and that somewhere might involve a wobble or two. Don't sweat it! Embrace the learning curve, pop some metaphorical champagne with every little victory, and trust that you'll get better with practice and time. It's like learning to ride a bike, but way more fabulous.


4. Focus on Building Strength and Flexibility:

Get ready to feel like a superhero! Pole dancing demands strength and flexibility, so you'll want to gradually work in some strength training and flex exercises to your routine. You'll be surprised how beneficial a little cross-training can be – both for nailing those moves and reducing the risk of injury. Our team of amazing expert therapists can help you on your cross training journey. Book an online session with them here to get started.


5. Listen to Your Body:

Your body is your dance partner, and it talks! Warm-up properly, start slow, and if something feels off, don't ignore it. Communication is key, so chat it out with your instructor and our online team to make any necessary adjustments. Your safety comes first – always.

6. Master Basic Moves First:

Whilst it's tempting to learn the hardest moves out there (they look cool - we get it), it's important to not run before we can strut. Start with the basics and build a rock-solid foundation. Mastering those beginner moves will not only boost your confidence and strength, but also keep you from doing accidental acrobatics before you're ready.


7. Stay Hydrated, Nourished and Rested:

Dancing like a superstar can be hard thirsty work. Keep that water bottle close and your body fuelled with a balanced diet. Now that you're pole dancing you may even have to increase your food intake to match your exercise demands. Chat with a qualified dietician for tailored guidance. And don't forget to rest either. Pole dancers often fall head over heels in love with pole dancing that they sometimes forget to take rest days. We encourage 4 rest days a week for beginners and no less than two for professionals. Hydration, nutrition and rest are your backstage passes to a successful pole career.

8. Connect with the Community:

Join the pole party! Pole dancing communities are like a squad of cheerleaders, always ready to lift you up. Attend workshops, find your pole pals online, and share the joy. The pole community is all about inclusivity and spreading good vibes – come join the fun!


9. Invest in a Quality Pole for Home Practice:

Been doing pole long enough now that you've got the pole bug? Consider bringing the party home with a quality pole of your own. Just make sure it's installed securely and you follow the safety rules. Your living room is about to become the hottest dance studio in town! We encourage using the team at PoleSphere to help you with your home pole dancing journey. You can access a 10% discount for their online learning platform here.


10. Celebrate Your Progress:

Every twirl, spin, or flip is a victory. Celebrate the journey, not just the destination. Pole dancing is your personal growth journey, a canvas for self-expression, and a path to feeling unstoppable. Relish every moment – you're on fire!


And there you have it! Your journey into the dazzling universe of pole dancing is about to kick off. Stick to these tips, keep grooving to the beat of your own pole, and watch yourself bloom into a pole dance superstar. Get ready for a dance adventure that not only tones your muscles but also sparks your inner glow. Enjoy every spin, sway, and drop – welcome to the empowering art of pole dancing! 💃🌟

Train safe!

The Pole Physio


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