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The Pole Physio

Training Programs

Want to master your pole and aerial tricks? Need to build strength or flexibility for pole? Take your training to the next level with The Pole Physio Training Programs - progressive programs provided through an app, that provide workouts and measures performance.

Available online training programs

Build strength, flexibility and condition your body with our training programs, designed with pole dancers and aerialists in mind.



Workouts planned & ready to go. Access our programs any time and any place.

How it works


Purchase the program

Sign up for your chosen program to begin your strength and/or flexibility journey.


Download the app

Once you have purchased your training program, download the app here and sign in.


View your program

Log in and view your program. Everything has already been pre-planned for you, so all you need to do is get started!


Track your progress

Measure your baseline strength & flex, log your workouts and monitor your progress over time.

Access your programs

Already purchased? Click the link below to access the The Pole Physio Training Programs you have purchased.

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Enhance your training

The Pole Physio Training Programs have been created to help you master your movement, achieve nemesis tricks and help you to avoid pole dancing injuries. Take your training to the next level with The Pole Physio Training Programs.

Want to learn while you train?

Level up your pole dance knowledge and learn with the Pole Physio team. Get lifetime access to our pole dancing scientific and evidence-based self paced educational courses. The perfect complement to our training programs.

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  • What's the difference between a training program and an e-course?
    The e-courses are online education courses with lifelong access, that we encourage all pole dancers to do. This online courses provide you with the tools and knowledge that you need to understand trick-focused anatomy, biomechanics and cueing in pole dance to reduce the risk of injury occurring. The training programs are 12- week exercise programs designed by our team of experts to help you improve flexibility, strength, or both in a progressive fashion. Access to these training programs is limited to 6 months from your program start date. We encourage both offerings to pole dancers that are interested - to not just work towards physical improvement, but to learn and understand the whys and hows to implement good practice in class and training.
  • Do I get lifetime access to the course when I purchase it?
    Yes - that's the beauty of our e-courses! Once you purchase access to our e-courses, you will receive ongoing access to it. And the best bit is that our e-courses will be updated when new information is released within the medical community, meaning you'll always stay up to date with best pole dance practice and research.
  • What level poler should I be to do the online e-course?
    Pole dancers and aerialists of all levels are invited to participate in the e-courses. The information in our e-courses is relevant for pole dancers of all levels from beginners through to professionals. Instructors especially are encouraged to join.
  • What do I need to complete the e-courses?
    To join our e-course you will need a computer, a working internet connection and a willingness to learn. Each e-course may have additional exercise equipment requirements that are listed on each e-course's page.
  • Do I need a pole to participate?
    Each e-course will differ in requirements. Please refer to the individual e-course above for further information.
  • Is this course suitable for an aerialist too?
    Absolutely! Our online educational courses are suitable for aerialists (lyra, silks, trapeze, circus), dancers and gymnasts to learn from too. If you're unsure if a course would be suitable for you, please contact us at to ask.
  • Will this course help me with my injury?
    These e-courses are not designed for injury. For tailored programs and rehabilitation specific to your injuries, or for personalised programming to achieve your goals, please book an online appointment with a member of our team. To make a booking, please visit
  • What currency is the pricing in?
    All of the pricing for our programs and e-courses are in USD (except for the Pole Mamas Course which is in AUD). Payments for e-courses and programs can be made via PayPal and Stripe.
  • How do I access my e-courses once I've paid for them?
    Once you have purchased your course, you will be prompted to sign in (using an email, Google, Facebook, LinkedIn or Apple sign in). You will also receive an email with details on how to access your course. You will be able to access your programs here, in the menu under “My Dashboard”. You can also manage your account and contact us for support in the portal too.
  • Who do I contact if I need support?
    For technical support, payment or access issues to the online programs, please email The Pole Physio team at and we'll reply to you as soon as possible.
  • What is the refund policy?
    Refunds are not available for incorrect product purchase or change of mind.


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