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100 Points of Recovery

Updated: May 20, 2023

The Recovery Series - Part 3

May 17th, 2020

Welcome to my third and final blog of the rest & recovery series. The shortest blog of the three by a mile but the most exciting as this is where we get to put into practice everything we have learnt from the previous two. The 100 points of recovery system is a simple method that can produce outstanding results. Don’t forget a good recovery strategy will lead to quicker improvements in your goals.

To follow this system all you have to do is complete a few of the below listed tasks within 24-48 hours of your training session to achieve the associated points. When you hit 100 points or more then you have achieved a good amount of recovery for that session.

However if you are getting less than 100 points then it’s time to re-think your recovery strategies! Remember to mix it up and bring some variety to your recovery program.

Want a personalised pole training program?

Online telehealth appointments can be booked with the Pole Physio via our ‘Book Online’ page that can be found here. Assessment and tailored rehabilitation are provided in accordance with best practice and evidence-based treatment to help you unleash your 'poletential'.

Until then, train safe.

The Pole Physio



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