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Boobs, Bras & a Whole Lot of Bounce

Updated: May 20, 2023

Before I explode all my thoughts onto paper, I wanted to let everyone know this blog is not just for the larger busted girls, this is also for the tiny titties out there too! I’ve noticed recently a number of posts on my local pole studio Facebook group asking for suggestions of supportive sports bras. Which got me thinking... how much do we know about how to take care of our boobs when we exercise? And how many girls out there really struggle to exercise because of our breasts?

Then cue Dr Deidre McGhee: Physiotherapist & researcher from the University of Wollongong who has a special interest in this area. I had the pleasure of meeting her over the weekend & she was able to provide me great insight on exercise & breast pain, which I can’t wait to share with you all.

Breast soreness as a result of exercise is surprisingly common, with 72% of women experiencing it. It is not only experienced by larger busted women as 25% of those who wear an A cup or smaller have reported breast soreness with exercise. In fact, 17% of women list breast pain as their key barrier to exercise participation. So if you ever have painful breasts after exercise then you are certainly not alone!

‘72% of women experience breast soreness during exercise’

Here comes the frightening fact: Breasts have been recorded to move up to 21cm during exercise, with an average B-cup moving up to 8cm. Yes... you read that right, a B-cup. Quite simply; the bigger the boob, the bigger the bounce. Just writing this makes me cringe & my boobs hurt at the thought!

Quite simply the right sports bra can reduce bounce by up to 60%. However ongoing research shows that 85% of us are wearing the wrong bra for our bodies. Without the right crop top or bra during exercise we risk straining the ligaments in our breasts, with repeated exposure to high amounts of bounce causing irreversible damage. Exercise isn’t to blame however!

‘Just like how dry hands & our Pleasers are seen as an essential part of our Pole equipment, a good supportive bra should also be seen as essential’

Exposure to small amounts of bounce with a supportive bra can actually help perk up our breasts by strengthening the pectoral muscles. Win! Just like how dry hands & our Pleasers are seen as an essential part of our Pole equipment, a good supportive bra should also be seen as essential.

Up until recently I was incredibly jealous of girls whose boobs didn’t hit them in the face during warm up & could wear whatever piece of clothing they wanted without the risk of falling out! Then I changed from wearing two crop tops to a sports bra with a crop top at the suggestion of a fellow diva, & funny enough that’s what the guidelines recommend for my bust size! It’s like a whole new world of amazing support that still looks good! Check out the graph below to help

determine what you should be wearing for pole. Pole would be considered to be similar to either jogging or running in the graph based on the high level of impact during warm up.

Quality brands I would suggest for sports bras are:

  • Berlei

  • Panache

  • Anita Active

  • Enell

  • Freya

  • Purelime

  • Prima Donna

Although there are many more!

If you want to be 100% sure you are getting the right fit, She Science in Kew is one of the only stores in Australia stocking technical sports bras and can assist you with specialised fittings using motion technology.

I would highly recommend getting one or two quality sports bras fitted & going from there.

Trust me ladies, your boobs are worth it. Let’s take care of them.

Do you experience pain whilst training for pole or aerial?

Online telehealth appointments can be booked with the Pole Physio via our ‘Book Online’ page that can be found here. Assessment and tailored rehabilitation are provided in accordance with best practice and evidence-based treatment to help you unleash your 'poletential'.

Until then, train safe.

The Pole Physio



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