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Meet Ellie

Ellie is a multi-disciplinary international circus performance artist, coach, aerial/pole competition judge and show producer, most recently completing her honours degree in Physiotherapy in 2023 in Auckland, New Zealand. She is set to become a circus/pole specialist with a focus on women's health and the research/development of gender-diverse healthcare in Physiotherapy. She performs and coaches an array of stunning aerial disciplines and contortion hand balance, developing her professional circus career in New Zealand, Australia & the USA.


Ellie fell head over heels in love with all things Aerial after spending her childhood and early teen years as a competitive figure skater, seeing her teach across the board to an advanced performance level in a variety of skill sets. She found a passion like no other for Aerial Hoop & Aerial Chair, seeing her become one of New Zealand’s most sought after Hoop instructors after spending years developing her unique performance style and breath taking spin. She approaches aerial movement and acrobatics with an innovative eye for detail and fluent understanding of artistry and movement on any apparatus, her students are guided to develop a beautiful command of aerial language, flow and technical skill.


She has trained in Contortion & Hand Balance (USA, Australia + Austria), and has extensively researched & developed a unique, and safe approach to her flexibility and contortion teachings for adults which lead her into the world of physiotherapy in 2019. She is a specialist in adult flexibility, with years of contortion specific exercise prescription, plans and programmes, targeted for the individual and their bendy goals in the air and on the ground.


Ellie has been sought after within the Pole & Circus industry to professionally develop competitive performers and performance artists to bring their authentic creative voice to the stage, whether it be character work, storytelling or act creation and how to effectively marry these concepts within highly technical skill-based performances. This has been achieved through unique and progressive movement-based workshops and in-depth examinations of our creative psyche, exploring how it influences our movement and expression as artists.


Ellie is thrilled to be joining the team at the Pole Physio and working with her amazing pole and circus fam from across the globe!


2010-2012 - Bachelor of Design (Graphic, Digital Design + Photography)


2014 - Circus Training + Performance Scholarship with the Dust Palace


2018 - Professional Circus Training, San Francisco Circus Center


2018 - 2019 - The Audacity Project & Diamonds in The Dark Creativity Courses with Rachel Strickland


2020 - 2021 - Complete Aerial Anatomy, Aerial Anatomy Body Basics, Aerial Inversion Explainer, Hips Don’t Lie + Hang Tough Circus Medicine Courses with Dr Emily Scherb (The Circus Doc)


2020 - 2023 - Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Honours; Gender Diverse Health)


2020 - 2023 - Basic and Advanced Clinical Sports Massage Courses at AUT University


2021- 2023 - Program for Pole: Cross Training 101, Navigating Nerves, Noisy Hips for Aerialists/Pole Dancers and Happy Shoulders workshops with The Pole Physio

Pole and Aerial Career

Black Cat Productions, Auckland NZ | 2017 – Current

2014 – Current - Corporate & Community Cirque events – Performer & Coordinator 

2016 – 2021 - Gemini Annual Event - Aerial Hoop, Aerial Silks & Contortion

2018 - Afterworld Show - Writer, Artistic Director, Aerial Chair Soloist, Hammock Soloist, Trio Lyra, Duo Lyra 

2018 - The Twilight Zone - Producer, Aerial Hoop Soloist, Duo Aerial Chair, Trio Lyra

2019 - Wicked Grounds - Writer, Producer, Director, Aerial Hoop Soloist, Duo Aerial Hoop, Duo Aerial Chair, Duo Contortion, Duo Trapeze, Razor Blades Contortion, Character Work 

2019 – Current Aotearoa Pride Events

  • Carnies and Queers – Duo Straps, Duo Hoop, Aerial Chair 

  • Our Gala – Duo Hoop 2020 - 2021 

2021 – Current – Pole Competition Judge

  • NZAPP 2021 - 2023

Into Oblivion, Auckland & Queenstown, NZ |2023 – Current

2023 – Samsung Launch Event – Contortionist

2023 – Kawau Gorge Event - Contortionist


LeBal Cirque, Auckland NZ | 2016 – 2021

2014 - Masquerade – Aerial Silks Soloist 

2016 - Du Jolie – Contortionist 

2019 - Winter Ball - Aerial Hoop Soloist 


The Dust Palace, Auckland NZ | 2014 – Current

2014 - WAKE Show - Duo Aerial Hoop, Aerial Silks 

2015 - The Trees and I Show – Aerial Chair 

2016 - Being Light – Aerial Straps Duo, Plinth Contortionist 

2017 - Sony Launch – Contortionist 

2019 - Core Education - Contortionist 

2019 - Sky City Event – Contortionist 

2021 Healthcare NZ - Aerial Chair Soloist 

2022 - Pinehurst School Event – Contortion Handbalance 

2023 - Museum Contortion Event - Plinth Contortion Handbalance

2023 - Auckland Zoo for Burgerfuel - Plinth Contortion Handbalance


2015 – 2019 | Annual Guest Artist NZTA Festival, New Plymouth, NZ

  • Aerial Hoop, Aerial Chair, Duo & Solo Contortion 

2018 | Hell City Tattoo Festival, OH & AZ, USA

  • Aerial Chair, Razor Blades Contortion 

2023 – 2024 | Flower City Tattoo Festival, NY, USA

  • Aerial Chair

  • Razorblades Contortion

2022 – 2024 | AUM New Years Eve Festival

  • Imaginariaum Aerial Hoop Soloist - Gala Show + Aerial Chair Soloist - Midnight Cabaret Show

  • Aquarium Aerial Chair Soloist - Gala Show + Aerial Net Duo - Midnight Cabaret Show

the pole physio
the pole physio

Book with Ellie

Ellie offers online video consultations for:

  • Injury Assessment and Rehabilitation

  • Home Based Strength and Conditioning

  • Gym Based Strength and Conditioning 

  • On the Pole Conditioning 

  • Flexibility Conditioning

  • Pole, Aerial & Flexibility Technique Correction

  • Pole Competition Programming

The Pole Physio services are available for pole dancers, aerialists and contortionists.

Check out our FAQs listed here before booking an online appointment

Please note: 

  • Ellie accepts patients worldwide (**except for US based patients**)

  • The prices listed below are in Australian dollars.

the pole physio

For new patients to The Pole Physio wanting to book an online appointment or for returning patients wanting to book for a new injury


60 minutes in length

the pole physio

For review patients to The Pole Physio that have been seen in the previous 8 weeks and are wanting to be seen for the same injury 

30 minutes in length

the pole physio

For returning patients to The Pole Physio that have not been seen in the previous 8 weeks or for review patients requiring a longer appointment time

60 minutes in length


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