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Meet Jacob

After graduating with his doctorate in chiropractic in 2018, Jacob decided to take his career in an unorthodox direction by moving away from his home in the USA to start a practice in Lima, Peru. The 5 years that he spent in Peru would prove to be an invaluable pressure chamber of experience that would force him to constantly learn and grow within his profession. Jacob also credits his time in Peru for instilling within him the work ethic and motivation necessary to offer a nuanced, personalised, and evidence-based approach with all his patients. Beyond this, Peru would also be the place where Jacob would discover pole dancing.


Amid the pandemic, Jacob found solace in pole dancing as a means of restoring his physical, mental, emotional, and social well-being. Jacob openly discusses the positive impact pole dancing has had on his own life, often attributing his first pole class as one of the best decisions he has ever made. It wasn’t long after this first pole class that Jacob began offering his services to support his local pole community. By 2022, Jacob decided to take this a step further when he got the opportunity to join The Pole Physio team and begin working exclusively with the pole dance and aerialist community.


In 2023, Jacob retired from his practice in Peru to accommodate his expanding online clientele. He now resides in back in the US where he also has taken up a position pursuing another one of his passions, higher education. In addition to his work with the pole and aerialist community, Jacob is also currently a teacher at a local university where he teaches clinical biomechanics and the importance of evidence-based musculoskeletal care to future generations of healthcare providers.


2015 - Bachelor in Human Anatomy


2018 - Bachelor in Health and Wellness


2018 - Doctorate in Chiropractic



2022 - Save Your Shoulders, The Pole Physio 

2022 - Highlighting Hypermobility, The Pole Physio 

2022 - Straddles and Shoulder Mounts, The Pole Physio

2023 - Circus Fusion Training Course with Dr. Emily Scherb 

2023 - Flexibility 101, The Pole Physio

2023 - Master your Split Grip, The Pole Physio

2023 - Programme for Pole, The Pole Physio

2023 - Navigating Nerves, The Pole Physio


the pole physio

Book with Jacob

Our Pole Physio affiliate Jacob is offering online video consultations for polers and aerialists worldwide - including US patients.


Services include:

  • Injury Assessment and Rehabilitation

  • Home Based Strength and Conditioning

  • Gym Based Strength and Conditioning 

  • On the Pole Conditioning 

  • Flexibility Conditioning

  • Pole, Aerial & Flexibility Technique Correction

  • Pole Competition Programming

Check out our FAQs listed here about our online appointments

Please note:

  • Jacob is available to see patients worldwide, including US based patients

  • Appointments with Jacob are non-private health insurance rebatable. If you're an Australian poler wanting to claim private health insurance, please book with Simone or Dani instead here

  • The links below will take you to a seperate website (The Skeptic Chiro)

  • Prices for Jacob are listed in US dollars. 

the pole physio

For new patients to The Pole Physio/Skeptic Chiro wanting to book an online appointment or for returning patients wanting to book for a new injury


60 minutes in length

the pole physio

For review patients to The Pole Physio/The Skeptic Chiro that have been seen in the previous 8 weeks and are wanting to be seen for the same injury 

30 minutes in length

the pole physio

For returning patients that have not been seen in the previous 8 weeks or for review patients requiring a longer appointment time

60 minutes in length


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