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Established in 2020, The Pole Physio is the world's leading healthcare service for pole dancers across the globe. The Pole Physio was created to serve the wider pole community through education, inspiration and elite level health care.


Our services include online rehabilitation, on and off the pole flexibility and strength programming, technique correction, psychology services, educational workshops/courses and blogs.

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Reach Our Team

If you're wanting to learn more about our online appointments please read our FAQs and information on our booking page



There is no physical location of our clinic.



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Learn & Train with us

Online Workshops & Training Programs

Build your knowledge and learn more about how your body works on the pole, and what you can do off the pole to achieve your pole goals.

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Training Programs

Take your training to the next level with The Pole Physio Training Programs. Housed in our custom app, our programs are goals specific workouts that measure progress and performance

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Start an e-Course

Get to know more about your body and pole! Explore our online courses to build your pole and aerials knowledge.

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Free Pole Planner

Join our email list and receive a free 'Review Your Year Planner' - a workbook designed to help you set, plan and achieve your pole dancing aspirations.


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